Is your CRM provider INSANE?
The first tool your business should have is an accounting system. The second tool your business should have is a CRM.

CRMs help track customer leads and provide a trail of customer-company relationships. Unfortunately, the everyday CRM solution options available to you are INSANE. The most common solution for tracking leads is an ugly combination of post-it notes and spreadsheets, leaving a sea of disconnected information for you to drown in. Worse, this method puts you seven steps behind competitors with far better solutions.

The second most common solution is to choose SalesForce. Unfortunately, SalesForce charges you by the seat and continually nickel and dimes you for every person and feature you add to the system. In the end, you wind up paying through the nose for a system you don’t need, creating a larger and larger expense that is even more expensive for you to switch off of. And good luck getting a specialist out to help you. It could cost you thousands.

You can also build your own CRM solution, shelling out tons of money for something that may or may not work. Custom-built CRMs require maintenance, upgrades and the willingness to stay the course with something rigid. Talk about banging your head against the desk!

CRM Sanity not only walks you through your CRM options and helps you choose a system that is right for you, but also shows you how to wield it and helps implement the system with your team. We turn your sales up and get your business house in order with customized solutions based on existing technology that our experts know how to make work for you. From measuring sales conversion to boosting revenue, we’ll be there every step of the way, saving you a bundle over other options and lubricating the sales process for you like never before.

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