That Star Salesperson in the “Old Days” and “Now”

Looking back 20 years:  Remember your Star Salesperson in those days?  What’s the old saying?  The top 20% produce 80% of the business. . .

And wow did Star Salesperson produce!

80% of the business working three days a week.  You were expecting and assuming a five day effort!  Little did you know. . .

Imagine what Star Salesperson would have produced working FIVE days a week!

My friend, the world has changed.  Accountability is demanded in all walks of life today, and in particular, by investors.

In most well-run businesses today, accountability is built into the system because well-run businesses MAKE their employees and contractors accountable for their deliverables.  Goals are set that are achievable, time-bound, and measurable.  Furthermore, systems and processes are in place that document the sales efforts, opportunities and revenue pipelines that drive the business to the goals that have been set. In a well-run business today, Star Salesperson works FIVE DAYS A WEEK, unless directed otherwise by management.  You see, if that Star Salesperson hasn’t documented the activities that led to a sale in a CRM system, as far as the Sales Manager is concerned, and Payroll so directed, THE SALE NEVER HAPPENED!

CRM makes bosses and investors very happy.  Revenue forecasts are accurate.  A roadmap to the goals is being followed.  And sales managers know just what their salespeople are doing and when.


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