Comcast Customer Service Screwup: System, Culture or Both?

Thanks to Daniel Cohen at Redshift Writers for finding this on Slate:

“Recently, a Comcast Customer Service ‘retention specialist’ performed so poorly in his duties that his call went viral. He happened to be recorded… by a journalist.”

You can listen to the call here. It’s excruciating.
The lesson from this may very well be that Comcast has a corporate culture and process problem when it comes to their customer service philosophy. The good news for SMBs is that there is a major lesson to be learned from this that can applied to businesses of any size: even if your CRM system and general workflow is maximized for ROI, there is no replacement for solid service and enough flexibility to positively respond to your customers.
When you implement a CRM, make sure the service factor is there and that you secure total adoption by your customers. After all,  the right culture allows you to secure the service you need to avoid the pitfalls of mega-corporations and positions you to run circles around the competition. Learn from the follies of Comcast.

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